Sustainable Waste Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. A lot of trash companies say that their "green" and use the word "sustainable", how are you different from those companies
A. For Sustainable Waste Solutions (SWS), Sustainable and Landfill Free are more than buzzwords, they are part of our mission.
Q. You say that you're "Landfill Free". Surely, some of the waste that you handle goes into a landfill, doesn't it?
A. For us, Landfill Free means exactly that. Everything that we pick up from our customers is either reused, recycled or turned into clean, renewable energy.
Q. If you're not using a landfill to dispose of trash, where are you taking it?
A. Whatever we don't recycled is taken to a local Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facility. This facility converts 1,200 tons of waste per day into enough energy for about 40,000 homes.
Q. Don't those EfW facilities make a lot more greenhouse gases than a landfill?
A. Several studies have found that landfills create 8 to 10 times more greenhouse gases than a modern EfW facility.
Q. I've seen your trucks on the road and they look different than a normal trash truck, why is that?
A. We view our trucks and containers as being our billboards. Billboards only look good if they are meticulously maintained!
Q. When I call my trash company, my call often goes to a call center in another part of the country. How are you different?
A. When you call SWS, your call is answered by a member of our management team. It's how we stay in touch with our customers.
Q. Where is your corporate headquarters?
A. Our company is locally owned and located in Souderton, PA. From this hub, we service the entire Delaware and Lehigh Valley.